Winder stairs design

The winder stairs are good for the building which have no much space for straight stairs. The winder stairs are also known as curved and angled stairs. Such stairs are turned for the more time. These stairs need less space in the building. Winder stairs are also built for the indoor and outdoor and its sketches, photographs, and instructions are available for your help. You can also attach the different styles of the railing which enhance the beauty of the winder stairs.

Definition of the winder stairs

As name winder or curved stairs means angled stairs these stairs are turned till you need. These stairs have no landing there is no any space among stories. Particularly these Embankment staircase trip hazard. Winder stairs have minimum tread width and radius and have less walking space.

Stairway does not have parallel edges. Its mean a spiral, circular stair, curved stairs are called winder stairs but there is some difference between circular and winder stairs. A place where less space for the stairs then you can build winder stairs. Winder stairs must have handrails to use the area and where the tread width is less than 6.5 inches probably 17 cm.

Winder stairs design

Winder stairs are good for that area where less place and need to make axis. This is a difficult to fit it but good for you. Actually, it is or the small area. A walker should behold the handrails that actually directs the person to step and also directs the ascending or descending stair.

Tread: tread means part of stairways that is stepped on to the next floor. Width is measured side to side and the tread depth is also measured from the outer edge vertically.

Riser: Between each stair the vertical portion of tread it is probably on winder stairs may be not on open stairs.

Newel: To anchor the handrails at large baluster and it is a structural element it extends to the below of floor and the bottom of the floor.   

Double winder stairs: These winder stairs are designed in which stairs are turned two 90 degrees turn, 180 degrees. In winder stairs, each turn has 3 or 4 tread kite winder design.

Winder stairs are made the best quality of pine material. A staircase is in 3 sections.  

Deliver the winder stairs anywhere and we also offer you staircases specification

Strings – 33mm Pine

Winder Treads – 33mm Pine

Treads – 33mm Pine

Risers –10mm Plywood

Newel Posts – 90 x 90mm Pine